With focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Memento can help companies conduct compliance and viability studies and adapt companies´activities to the internal and international laws and regulations in the following areas:


  • Detailed analysis of operational risks;

  • Development of internal control mechanisms and training of the Board of Directors | Management team;

  • Development of projects for continuous improvement, elimination of operational bottlenecks and adaptation to technical standards;

  • Audit, Analysis and prevention of fraud;

  • Human capital management and HR policy review;

  • Elaboration of manuals of conduct and plan for dissemination in the company culture;

  • Interpretation of laws and application to the reality of the company.


Compliance has become a fundamental requirement for the company's long-term success. Come and talk to us and establish a customized action plan for your company.




Understanding the market better and preparing to face the challenges ahead is critical to success in today's competitive market environment. Understand:

  • How your client thinks,

  • What your competition does or,

  • Explore new market realities before entering.


We can elaborate:

  • Business plan and market entry strategies;

  • Marketing mix (pricing, distribution, promotion, product/service definition);

  • Market entry plan for foreign companies;

  • Market expansion plan;

  • Studies focused on cost estimation, economic feasibility and tax planning.

How does it work?

Get in touch so that together we can understand what your challenge is. Whether it is the entry into the Brazilian market, the expansion of a product line or any other study, Memento can support you through all stages and challenges, from planning and idea maturation to legal part, Marketing, HR, pricing strategy, digital marketing, team building and training, among other services for the success of your business.

What is our differential?

We have the resources and skills to observe anywhere in Brazil, how your business, partner or competition are doing. In a quick and practical way, we will elaborate your entire research plan and seek insightful conclusions that will allow you to adjust your bottom line, grow, correctly position yourself in your businesses' competitive landscape and help you eliminate the gaps between your business and customer perception. Our bilingual staff can do the same work in English, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese.




In increasingly complex social and business landscape, efficiency, responsiveness and adaptability are key to business success. Memento helps companies to implement simplicity in seemingly complex operation, reduce costs, improve performance and engage teams. Our work is not to implement the change for you, but to go together through the needed steps to transform your company's mindset and implement cultural changes that will result in operational excellence.

  • Analysis and improvement of costs and structure;

  • Evaluation and improvement of the efficiency of its operation;

  • Identification and addressing of operational bottlenecks;

  • Analysis and improvement of the supply chain;

  • Analytical mapping to give greater efficiency to the areas of supplies and procurement;

  • Internal and departmental restructuring to ensure greater efficiency in business;

  • Training of diverse teams;

  • Outsourcing of operations functions;

  • Renegotiation with current suppliers and optimization of suppliers' pool and procurement strategies;

How does it work?

Our multidisciplinary team will become part of your operation and team to observe your business from inside. We then will elaborate company and problem-specific plan that will address the challenges and issues relevant to your business. Finally, together we will implement this plan, train the team and change ambassadors and develop accurate evaluation and follow-up strategy for the Top Management Team to measure positive change and improve further.

What is our differential?

We do not know it all and will not simply tell you what to do, as every business and team are unique. Rather we will learn about your business, take part in your challenge, by participating in the day-to-day activities of your company and try to understand what is your core and how we can achieve the desired goals or solve existing problem. We can do it as an on-demand project or continuous partnership